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Confusable words

Comprise - is a verb meaning to consist of or be composed of.

Compose - to make up the constituent parts of.

The USA comprises 50 states.

The USA is composed of 50 states.

(Confusable words, n.d., para.8)


Accept - is a verb and has many meanings among which are to receive something.

Except - is a preposition meaning 'with the exclusion of'.

I would like you to accept this gift.

All his friends came to the party except Jim who was in hospital.

(Confusable words, n.d., para.9)


Imply - To express or indicate indirectly.

Infer - To conclude from evidence or premises.

Somebody will imply something and the recipient of the implication will infer from it.

She tried to imply that I could not understand the question.

From what he said, I was able to infer that he did not understand the situation.

(Confusable words, n.d., para.11)


Historic -means having importance in or influence on history.

Historical - means 'of or relating to the character of history.'

It was a wet day when Cook set off on his historic voyage.

The archaeological find was of major historical significance.

(Confusable words, n.d., para.14)


Economic - of or relating to the economy.

Economical - thrifty and prudent in management.

The country was experiencing a period of sustained economic growth.

The minister was accused of being somewhat economical with the truth.

(Confusable words, n.d., para.26)


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