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Guide to Academic Writing

The kind of writing you’re required to learn and be able to write at university is academic writing. This is also the writing type demanded in international tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Many universities in English-speaking countries have websites specialising in helping students with academic writing, with useful sections on paragraph and essay structures, English grammar, punctuations,… The websites below may be useful for your Writing subjects, or writing scientific research papers.


Well, you don’t need to look at all of them, just pick one or two, of your favourite. And these resources are used for studying purposes only; be careful about copyright:


Easy to understand:

HyperGrammar, from the University of Ottawa, Canada:

Purdue Online Writing Lab, from Purdue University:



Clearer Writing, from the University of Sydney, Australia:

The Online Writing and Learning Link, from Massey University, New Zealand (more suitable for writing research papers):


From organisations:

UEfAP, supported by BALEAP (easy, very good and reliable):

Essay Writing Guide, from the Royal Literary Fund, UK (more suitable for writing research papers):

Punctuation Made Simple, by Gary A.Olson, hosted by The College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University (easy and interesting):