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Bí quyết học tập

What is the correct spelling: practise or practice?

It depends on which version of English you’re using: in British English usage, the noun is practice and the verb is practise. In American English usage, both the noun and the verb are spelled (or spelt, in British English) as practice.

Sample sentences:

 •Your coach phoned to say there will be a team practice in the gym tomorrow after school.

 •He practised his presentation for hours to get it perfect.

 •This book has some practice tests for your exam.

An expression with practice: practise what you preach – it means to do the things that you advise others to do.

When used in connection with lawyers and doctors, practice also means the work that they do and the place where they work. Sample sentence:

  • Joe has a very successful legal practice in New York.

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